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Great books for new magicians

Hey it's Julian here. For those of you who are just getting into magic I've got a few book recommendations for you:

-Now you see it, now you don't by Bil Tarr: This was my first ever magic book. It contains lessons in basic sleight of hand and teaches you everything you need to know to jump right into the world of magic. I still reference that book from time to time. 

-101 Easy-To-Do Magic Tricks by Bill Tarr: Another one of my first books on magic. This is the perfect book if you are trying to put together a stand up magic show. You could perform for hours with all the great tricks in this book.

Also for you card magicians who are just starting out, check out Easy To Master Card Miracles by Michael Ammar (Google it). Each DVD is about $30 but they are all jam packed with some of the best effects in card magic. You use to be able to get all this stuff at the Santa Rosa Magic Shop but sadly it has closed. So my next advice is eBay.com.

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