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1 Trick for Free Coffee

There are a lot of benefits to performing magic. People like you because of it, they tell you how much they enjoy your tricks, and sometimes they give you free stuff.

One of those free things you can count on is coffee. Let me explain.

I was coming home from a visit with a friend of mine in Sacramento. I stopped at a Starbucks on the way back for a cup of liquid energy. The guy behind the counter happened to notice a shirt I was wearing from the Mostly Magic Shop in Santa Rosa, CA.

After explaining to him that I was a magician, he asked if I could show him and his co-workers a trick.

Having Fun With Magic

THIS IS NOT A MAGIC TUTORIAL. More of a fun story I would like to share with you about the practical uses of magic.

I don't know if you the reader have ever seen me to the trick where I "cough" or "throw up" cards out of my mouth. If you haven't seen it, it's pretty funny looking. So I went to the doctors office and I was playing with a deck of cards. When I practice in public people always give me weird stares wondering what in the world I'm doing.

When I get to the examining room the nurse asks me what is wrong.

A mathemagical card trick

For all of you who love mathematical card tricks, this is it. If you present in the right manner it is a show stopper. I learned this from my friend and Santa Rosa magician Ken Garr. But this trick is form Scarne's Magic Tricks. It's a great book for beginners and professionals alike. So without further ado YOUTUBE LINK

The Amazing Restored Sting In Straw

I grew up in a city called Santa Rosa. I used to perform magic for random people at the mall. Now I wasn't always good at sleight of hand. Just like everyone else I had to start small. The trick you are about to learn from this video was one of the first ten tricks in my repertoire. It's nice because all you need is a straw and a piece of yarn (not very hard to find). Oh and let's not forget about the scissors. Here's the video!

The secret to becoming a great performer

Remember that if a trick doesn't go well for you the first time, IT DOES NOT MATTER! Don't give up. Every magician needs a certain amount of time spent performing before they can become comfortable and smooth with their magic. The first time you get up to perform you aren't going to act like a seasoned pro. I used to do close up magic at the Santa Rosa farmer's market. The experience taught me many valuable lessons about performing. So the point is perform as much as possible and you can only get better and better.

Make your business card appear out of thin air!

This is for the business people. Or anyone who has a business card. People will remember you for a long time and will not throw away your card if you make it appear magically! As a Santa Rosa magician I find that this tactic has greatly increased my business. I hope it does the same for you.


Easy to do yarn magic

This is a great trick to do for your mom/wife while they are knitting. Or just show your friends for fun. I learned this from Sonoma County magician Ken Garr. It has never failed to get a reaction because of it's visibility. I hope you enjoy and without further delay, click here for the video!

Rubber band magic

So here are the newest tricks in my blog. Rubber band magic. I love rubber bands because they are always available. These are good tricks to perform at school or work or anywhere else where you see a rubber band on someone's desk. Magic is much more magical when it's done with someone else's props instead of yours. Chances are that if you are reading this you are becoming a new Sonoma County magician. Keep it up and follow your dreams no matter what. It WILL pay off.

How To Gauge Your Ear In Ten Seconds

Would you like a little something to spice up your social AND business life? In this blog I will teach a cool new trick every week that you can use to impress your friends or a business associate. If you are meeting with a client wouldn't it be fun to magically produce your business card out of thin air (I'll be teaching that one next week). Imagine you are at a restaurant and you make the salt shaker disappear into thin air. As a Sonoma County magician I have made lots of new friends, received higher tips at an old job, and created many business opportunities just from doing random magic.

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